Caci anti ageing facial loughborough, leicester

Nicola Pole

Owner of Caci Clinic Leicestershire

My passion for what I do comes from a deep desire to help people feel good, whether that be inside or out. 

My longstanding clients know me best for the Caci and anti-ageing treatments I offer. However, my range of services is greatly expanding to meet the growing demand of all round wellbeing from my clients. 

I have a passion for crystals, oils and alternative wellbeing therapies and I hope you will agree that my passion for them shines through in each treatment you receive. 

If we haven't met yet, get in touch and lets start your journey to a happier you. 

non surgical facelift leicester


Caci Clinic is located in a comfortable home beauty salon in Cossington, run by Nicola Pole, and provides a modern and relaxing environment to enjoy your beauty and well being treatments.

caci non surgical face lift loughborough, leicester
caci non surgical face lift loughborough, leicester